Is This The Best Reward Card For Splinterlands?

Feb 13, 2020 | Guides

The “Warrior of Peace” Is It The Best Reward Card?

Ok, so we’ve got a new set of reward cards to work with on Splinterlands and the Life team have a new monster that does -1 melee, -1 ranged, and -1 magic at max level! This card completely negates the effect of “Archmage Arius” which used to cost a whopping $1000 at max level before Untamed was released. The Untamed collection is all about negatives rather than positives for the monsters, so the price for “Archmage Arius” is now reflected at $349 for max level.

Personally I’d be gutted if I’d been holding the “Archmage Arius” as that’s a 65% loss on the price of the card. And considering that a single reward card “Warrior of Peace” can negate the entire effects of a $349 on it’s own and in Gold Foil only costs around $75!

If you can negate so many effects with this card and the fact it has 14 health it can be a perfect secondary tank while debuffing the op boosts from Archmage.

What are your thoughts here?

Do you think this is the best reward card available right now? If yes, why? and If no, why and which card do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below your thoughts.