Selling My Max Level Lyanna Natura For $67.50!!!

Feb 14, 2020 | Guides

This Is $0.15 BCX Cheaper Than Market Prices

Ok, so I’m changing the splinter that I will be playing with, and thus I have a max level Lyanna Natura that I no longer need to use. I have decided to sell on the open market with a huge discount of approx. $0.15 bcx per card at $67.50 and the next cheapest on the market is $85!!!

I’m selling this cheaply for 2 reasons, firstly I am changing splinter, and secondly that I hope this card may be able to help out someone looking for cheap max cards that don’t cost the earth… If you’re in need of a maxxed out Lyanna, then please head on over to the market on and purchase for yourself.

I’m also selling my max level Earth Elemental fairly cheap if you’re interested in other earth splinter monsters. Other than that my collection is now gone until I have sold my final 2 cards so I can focus on my new splinter… Death!

Good luck on the battlefield and wish you all win streaks of 20+