New Feature – Button Filters + Bug Fix 1.0.0

Nov 21, 2019 | Updates

Introducing New Button Filters!

We have implemented a brand new feature to our max monster filter we call button filters, these are predefined search terms that we you can click on to quickly filter the list. We feel that having the search bar is absolutely essential especially for multi ability searches, however if you plan to use the filter while playing then you’ll need a quick way to search without typing. This is where our filter buttons come in as it is much quicker than typing and wont give any failed results from mistyping or misspelling a word.

We Need Your Help With Choosing A Domain Name!

We really don’t have a name for our filter as we’re in very early stages of development, we have thought of a few names but would like it if the community could share their ideas on what a good name for this will be. We will pick our favourite and purchase a domain so that it’s more fitting than the current domain used.

We were thinking of something like or but if you can think of anything cool then please let us know in the comments below.

Bug Fix 1.0.0

A big thank you to @schubes and @mattclarke who found the first bug in the filter, we have now updated the red dragon and it has the “return fire” instead of “shatter” ability.

We have also fixed an issue when searching “heal” for abilities as that filter will also include “health” and the only way around this was to add the wording “Self Heal” to indicate the heal ability. This way you can filter the ability for monsters that heal themselves.

Untamed + Future Plans

As you’re probably aware the new Untamed card collection is arriving at the end of this season bringing a total of 70 new cards to play with. We will be adding the Untamed collection roughly one to two weeks after release, as we have current work commitments. Adding the Untamed collection will make our filter more useful as it will become harder to remember the exact details of every card. Moving forward after Untamed we will be adding every other series of cards released.

We are planning to release multiple filters for max cards at certain league caps, this will be starting with “Silver” then “Gold” leagues and will contain only abilities, health, damage stats etc. of the cards at their level cap for respective league.

A Big Thank You

We would like to say a big thank you to the entire Splinterlands community for being so supportive with our filter, we had some great comments on our previous post and we are very thankful and very happy to help our fellow Splinterlands players.