New Splinterlands Filter Coming Soon!!!

Feb 5, 2020 | Updates

We have been working hard on a new Splinterlands filter and we’re excited to share our preview of the new filter with you today. We are moving away from our old table format and we’re now going to apply a proper filterable portfolio of all cards. Not only are we adding the basic table but we will also be creating pages for every monster which will include extra information about the monster such as our thoughts, links to tactics with the monster, reviews, related monsters etc…

Here’s What The Filter Will Look LikeĀ 

As you can see we can now see all the details listed on the cards, as you would expect to see on itself. The filter is now contained in drop down boxes where you can select the filter options you would like to sort the monsters by. For example you can see below what happens when we click onto the “abilities” filter option:

As you can see it brings up a list of all the abilities available, and you can select the ones you want to sort and hey presto a list of monsters will be shown on your screen with the selected abilities.

We’re Launching Soon!

Ok, so we’ve got a domain and have started working on the filter and we should be able to release our early version within the next 2 weeks, aiming for no later than 21st Feb 2020! We will of course update you when we’re closer to the launch…