New Splinterlands Tool – Monster Filter

Nov 17, 2019 | Updates

We Have Created Our Monster Filter A Tool For Splinterlands

We decided to create this tool as we actually needed something ourselves to quickly and easily search and filter through the different monsters at their max levels. This would help us find specific monsters with certain abilities to prepare some teams for testing out. We found that it is actually really helpful in lots of ways, so we decided to make it public for everyone to use!

What Is Monster Filter?

Simply put the monster filter is a web based tool for you to search and filter out monsters not related to your search. Let’s say for example you want to compare all monsters with the “sneak” ability, then you simply put the word “sneak” into the search bar at the top right of the filter. This will then return all of the monsters with the sneak ability and hide all monsters without the sneak ability.

How Can I Use The Monster Filter?

You can use the monster filter at: please note that the filter is in early beta stage and may have a few bugs, if you do spot any bugs please be kind enough to report them in the comments.

Example Searches Terms

We thought we would list a few handy tips and search terms for using the monster filter. Please be aware that these are just a few of the examples you can filter with this tool, the potential is limitless really as you’ll see when using it.

Mana Cost Search: To search for a specific mana cost then simply type “2mana” into the search bar, replacing the number with the number you would like “3mana”, “4mana” etc.

Health Search: To search for monsters with a specific health value you can type into the search bar. For example: “6health” and again replace the number with the number you would like.

Armor Search: To search monsters with armour (yes we know the spelling is different, it’s because we needed to hide armorsmith from results and we’re UK English native speaking, win, win) type “armour” into the search bar, add a number without any spaces if you want to search for a specific amount of armour / armor.

Damage Type Search: To filter by damage type you can search “melee”, “ranged”, “magic damage”, and each will filter the results accordingly. (magic needs damage on the end or it will include monsters with the magic reflect ability).

Ability Search: This one’s easy, just type the name of the ability you want into the search bar.

There’s endless searches you can do and you can combine searches, for example if you wanted “magic damage thorns” then it will display only monsters with magic damage and the thorns ability.

Have a play and see what you can filter, it should aid you in your team building efforts. Good luck to you all on the battlefield.

Future Plans

We are planning on adding all untamed monsters upon release and we are also planning adding a summoner and a combined filter. We’re also going to do some gameplay tips, advice, and our battle results whether good bad or ugly on our blog so stay tuned for future updates!